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About Us

“Our incredible 13-year success is owed in large part to your entrusting us with the care of your friends and family and your friends and family members. ” More than half of our new patients come to us as a result of patient referrals, and for that, we are grateful. And we wouldn’t be close to losing 80 thousand pounds if it weren’t for your commitment and attention to the plan.

Who We Are

Dietitians, doctors, and other weight reduction experts created the Physchim Weight Loss Clinic to help you manage your caloric and carbohydrate consumption while consuming enough protein to maintain your muscle mass. The Physchim Weight Loss Clinic Program is backed by scientific research and can help you make a positive change in your life for the better. Each patient’s individual health profile is taken into account when therapy is administered, making us The One that Works!® for you.

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Our Clients

Mark White

Lost 40 kg

Hannah J Hancock

Lost 20 kg

Shannon S Lewis

Lost 45 kg

Maddison O Rhodes

Lost 40 kg